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October 24, 2017

Why the time is a bullshit excuse

Why the time is a bullshit excuse

Today, we live in the speed centenary. We want make everything faster and better, but it does not work in this way.
Every day we are stressed, because we want more money, more free time, more …. (continue you).

Now intervenes the stupid excuse in the word: TIME.
I ask more friends about something, and everybody told me: I DON’T HAVE TIME.
Why you do not have time? What your time is limited. Everybody in the word (poor or reach people) are 24 hours. Here is the problem. We have time, but we don’t know to handle it.

How can fix it this? Simple

We use the time for all bullshit things, but not for utility things. Next time before make something useless, think two times, if that things can really help you. If don’t help you, don’t make that things.

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