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May 1, 2018

Why don’t people like you, …. and me

Why don’t people like you, …. and me

#1 Listening skills

Or the lack thereof. Nothing is more irritating than someone who doesn’t even make the effort to listen to what the other person is saying. Instead, these people are more intent on formulating their own words and cutting the speaker off mid-flow.

#2 Deep pockets and short arms

Generosity is a wonderful quality, but its opposite is notably disliked. If you’re always keen to avoid paying your way, then chances are that people have noticed this trait of yours

#3 Critical condition.

Some people really have no filter and are so quick to criticize those around them. If this is you, it could be one of the reasons why some people seem to be giving you a wide berth.

#4 Silence ain’t always golden.

Sometimes it’s not what you say that might be leading people not to like you, but rather what you don’t say. “Thank you,” “well done,” “I love you,” “tastes great,” “how are you?”

#5 I didn’t do anything!

Which may, of course, be precisely the issue. If you have a streak of idleness a mile long, yet expect everyone to pick up behind you, this could be another reason they aren’t so fond of you

#6 Talking a big game.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labors, but boasting about your wealth, possessions or whatever else is only likely to rub people up the wrong way.

#7 Stuck like glue.

Although quite endearing in some situations, clinging on to people like a desperate limpet is likely to attract all the wrong kind of attention.

#8 The glass is half empty.

Another of the most common reasons that people aren’t liked is because they are negative and bring the mood down. Strangely, a lot of people who appear to be negative aren’t actually negative at heart.

Although quite endearing in some situations, clinging on to people like a desperate limpet is likely to attract all the wrong kind of attention.

#9 The empty vessel.

Uninterested people just aren’t very interesting. Someone who does nothing but watch soap operas, lie on the couch and read trashy magazines can be a real drag to be around.

#10 Flights of fancy.

If you’re the kind of person who is quite flighty and doesn’t really take anything seriously, this could be the reason why people are starting to stay away from you. So stop showing up late and/or canceling appointments with people all the time, and start showing them the respect they deserve.

Reasons people don’t like you – not your problem :))

#11 Independent matters.

Someone dislikes you because you won’t tow their conversational line. It’s good to have your own mind, and not responding to their controlling ways is not your problem.

#12 Success.

That’s all it takes for some people to dislike you. But hey, why should you apologize for the hard work you’ve done that’s led you to where you are now?

#13 Preconceptions.

Maybe it’s because of what you do or how you look, but people’s preconceptions about you are not your issue.

#14 Because they like you.

A somewhat paradoxical statement, maybe, but some people really don’t know how to successfully express themselves.

#15 In all honesty.

Some people don’t like being called out for their bad behavior, and if you’re someone who can’t stand by and watch when someone is acting up, then this may be why they don’t like you.

#16 Opinions.

You have them and some people don’t like that. Especially when they are different from their own. Our advice: ditch the control freaks and spend your time with people who can handle a real conversation, differences aside.

#17 You have a family.

When you have kids, you often have to sacrifice other aspects of your personal life.

#18 Generosity.

Nothing makes a miser look worse than someone else’s generosity. Don’t be ashamed of being the better person.

#19 Bigotry.

Racism, culturalism, sexism—whatever the prejudice, don’t even waste your time trying to talk this person around.

#20 Attention seekers.

It’s sad, but some people are so desperately lacking in anything else that the only way they can get attention is to be serial haters. Social media is full of these types—disgraceful individuals who should be cut adrift at the earliest opportunity

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