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December 28, 2017

Do you have plans for 2018?

Do you have plans for 2018?

Hello everybody.

In some days 2017 leave, and is coming 2018, so take a pen and a paper, or more :)), and start to make plans.

Why do you need plans? Because without plans you do not have “a road” for what are you doing in 2018.

I will give you some proposals for you:

1. Read books

When you read books, your mind is very relaxed. So, because i like to learn, I will recommend somw books for you:
– ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. By Elizabeth Strout.
– THE CHANGELING. By Victor LaValle.
– THE IDIOT. By Elif Batuman.
– A KIND OF FREEDOM. By Margaret Wilkerson Sexton.
– SELECTION DAY. By Aravind Adiga.

2. Go in nature

The advantage for this is:
– Make motion, for a slim body 😀
– You relax, fresh air
– You do not have cars, dost, noise

3. Visit another places (a country, a city)

– When you visit another places, you go outside the comfort zone. Why meet new people, you have new experiences, and some important you see another cultures

4. Make something crazy (jump from airplane, )

– Your body and your mind, need to adrenaline. So make some crazy.
– For example jump with the parachute (If you are scary, but you want to jump, contact me, and I will propose to jump together. It is valid only for Europe)
– Ride on the street for some days, or weeks. I want to ride in North America. If you ride with me, contact me, and we ride together

5. Take time for you

– IF you have a family, it is hard to take time for you, but if you are single, it is easy.

6. Give up, what that does not make you happy

– People, thinks, jobs, etc

7. Make money working for you. 😀

Open a business, make a business plan, and go ahead.

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