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January 16, 2018

Buddha and your gifts

Buddha and your gifts

This is a funny story, or NOT

So, for the first, I will tell you: I do not accept your gifts. Why? Read next story.

In a day Buddha walks in a village and a nervous man approached him.

The man says: Why do you come here and we teaching your lessons? You are dumbass. You are a fake man. You do not to be here, we don’t want you. Leave…

Buddha was not upset when heard the man talked, but he stopped and asked the man with gentleness:

Dear man, can you answer a short question? If you buy gifts for somebody, and that person does not accept your gifts, who remain the gifts?

The man answer approached: Me of course, The gifts are mine.

In this time Buddha smiled and says:

It is correct. The gift is yours, but who remain your words of anger, of nervousness, etc? I will not accept your words, and this all remains to you. You remain unhappy. What are you doing in this moment is to hurt yourself.

Whit this story, maybe or not (I hope you learn) you learn to be happy, calm, warm with you and people next to you.

Love you and love the people. Offers calm, warm, happiness, smile and all this they will come back to you people next to you

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