My name is Daniel. I’m a engineer, traveler, entrepreneur and now a blogger. I start to write on this blog, because I want to expose my opinions and ideas about a good world.




About me

and my passion

Hi everybody. I’m Daniel. I’m e engineer, entrepreneur, ant traveler. I like new thinks, new places, new technology, etc :)) I’m happy to you are here, because I will write interesting things, about: destination, creativity, seduction, opinions, and many more, in my free time. I will write only in English in this blog, because I need to practice this language for me and maybe (I’m sure) you will find some mistakes in this blog.

Before this I have a short description about me. Is name: 15 Questions in 15 Seconds.

15 Questions 15 Seconds

1. Place of birth: A: Brasov (ROMANIA)
2. Year of birth: A: pi*2918-3*2763+1099.84
3. Smartphone or normal phone? R: Apple INC
4. Fast-food or bio food: A: Natural food from my garden
5. Swim or tennis: A: Tennis
6. Write press or Online press: A: Online
7. Trabuc or tigarete: A: Nothing
6. Whiskey or Wine? A: Red wine
7. Vienna or Caraibe? A: Silicon Valley
8. Iaht or Plane? A: Plane
9. Laptop or agenda? A: Tablet
10. Coffee or tea? A: Flat white or Mint tea
11. Career woman or housewife? A: Beautiful Woman … of carrier
12. Chess or poker: A: Poker without clothes
13. Card or cash? A: –
14. Office or casual? A: Both
15. A evening at TV or cinema? A: A good movie

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